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Weight and Cardio Superset

This awesome full body workout is meant to get you sweating quickly and continuously moving. Try to push yourself with the weight, always focusing on form first!

Complete the following:

1. standing press x10/Dead Lift Row x12 -Superset

x3 rounds

2. Dips x20/ Kneeling single arm press x10 each- superset

x3 rounds

3. Mountain climb x60

x3 rounds

4. Jumping Lunge x20/Pushup x10- Superset

x3 rounds

5. Box jumps x10

x3 rounds

6. 500 meter Row for Time (Substitute for 1/2 mile run if no row machine)

**Superset: Perform both exercises back to back before resting or taking a break. (Example- complete 10 standing press, immediately complete 12 dead lift rows, this is one round. Rest 30 seconds and then begin round 2)

1. Standing Press x10/ Dead Lift Row x12 (superset for 3 rounds)

2. Dips x20/ Single Arm Press X10 each (superset for 3 rounds)

3. Mountain Climb x60 (3 rounds total)

4. Jumping Lunge x20/ Pushup x10 (superset for 3 rounds)

5. Box Jumps x10 (3 rounds total)

6. 500 Meter Row for time (1/2 mile run alternative)



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