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10 Minute Sweat Session -Pt.3

Remember: NO EXCUSES! We can do this together with just 10 minutes of extra time after work, at lunch or during nap time.

Give yourself "ME time" so that you can share the best version of you with those you love.

Complete each exercise for 40 sec. and then rest for 20 sec.

WANT MORE? DO each exercise for 1 minute without rest!

1. Burpee

2. Skater Lunge

3. Mountain Climber

4. Plank

5./6. Elbow to Knee Roll (right/left)

7. Bridge Lift

8. Flutter Pulse

9. Arm Circles

10. Alternation Standing Crunch

1. Burpee: Start in standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Bring hands to the floor and jump feet back into plank position. Jump feet back to hands and explode up into a jump squat. Land and repeat.

2. Skater Lunge: Start with weight on right leg and left leg reaching back behind. Swing the left leg out to the left side and push off of the right foot landing on the left leg with the right reaching back behind. Repeat.

3. Mountain Climber: Start in plank position and bring right knee into chest and off of the ground. Switch legs bringing left knee to chest. Continue to jump from foot to foot.

4. Plank: Start with elbows bent, hold body as tight as you can up on elbows and toes.

5./6. Elbow to Knee Roll: Lay flat on the ground and then bring the right knee up, crunch through the abs to bring your left elbow to reach your knee while keeping the left hand behind your head. Hold this position and slowly roll from side to side trying to keep the body nice and tight. The whole body should roll in one motion. Repeat on the opposite side.

7. Bridge Lift: Lay flay on floor with knees bent at 90 degree angle. Keep our feet/shoulder blades flat on the floor and lift glutes/hips to the sky. Repeat this motion for the full amount of time.

8. Flutter Pulse: Start in a squatted position with core tight and arms straight. Reach your pinkies to the sky and flutter arms when you feel the burn through the triceps. Continue to flutter about 1/2 inches for full amount of time.

9. Arm Circles: Hold arms directly out to sides making a "T". Make small circles with the arms while holding the core and back muscles nice and tight. Squeeze the shoulder blades together in the back.

10. Alternating Standing Crunch: Stand up straight with arms behind head. Crunch across the body brining right elbow to left knee. Switch sides and repeat.

Comment below with ideas of what types of workouts you want to see more of!!!



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