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Our programs are designed to encourage, help and guide you into the best possible shape and level of fitness. 
Get fit programs in person and online:

In-Home Training

30/60 minutes ▪ $45/$75 ▪ packages available, request preferred rate

This customized personal in-home workout keeps you motivated and energized to get strong and feel fabulous. Training promotes stress relief, strength and confidence through total body wellness. This package includes all the convenience necessary to accommodate a busy lifestyle.  We bring the equipment and meet you at home, work or even in the park.

Like working out with a friend? Gather the whole crew for a fabulous group training session! · $40 per person · groups of 5 or more, request preferred rate

Mama {to Be} Training

30/60 minutes ▪ $45/$75 packages available, request preferred rate

This customized personal training package includes only the best treatment! The perfect fit for pregnancy includes a full body workout to help stay strong and healthy all the way through delivery.

Already had a baby and looking to get back in shape? We can help you rebuild your body in a healthy way to feel strong and energized. Kids are encouraged to join in the workout with mom for a little family fun.

Booty Camp

2 days a week ·$85 paid at start of month · $15 drop in

This fun and energizing group session is created to keep you motivated and healthy as the lungs breath fresh air. Join us for an intense training session that can be catered to any fitness level, making you feel strong and alive! Enjoy the company of friends while escaping the fluster of everyday life in an outdoor boot camp style class.

Locations: 9:30am Felida Park (Tuesday & Thursday) ~ children are welcome

Sample Class

30/60 minutes ▪ $Complimentary

This session incorporates the best of everything at regularly scheduled times and dates.  Email me at so I can send you a few details.

30 Days to Fit

30 days・$30 JANUARY ONLY SPECIAL! (regularly $50)

Are you ready to make a BIG change? looking for accountability, short {do-able} workouts and a plan to make changes LONG TERM? 30 Days to Fit is for you! This 30 day guide to making lasting changes will coach you in every aspect of living and keeping a healthy life style and show you how to make lasting changes to your body physically and mentally.

Program Includes:

  • Facebook Accountability Group

  • WHY Worksheet

  • Healthy Eating Guide

  • Grocery List

  • 3 New Workout Videos Each Week (customized for every fitness level)

  • On The Go Options

  • Daily and Weekly Check Lists

  • A Deeper Look Into: 

    • Food Prepping

    • Hydration

    • My favorite snacks and finds

    • Sugar

    • HIIT

    • Macronutrients

    • Micronutrients

    • Supplements

    • Gut health

    • Rest/Sleep/hormones

#MommyStrong (coming fall 2019)

21 days ▪ $129

 Do you have a burning desire to get healthy and make a change? Do you want to learn how to keep your family healthy also? Do you get overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information about diets and weight loss? If so then this is for you! Our desire is to teach YOU mommy’s how to live healthfully and influence your families lives for years to come. We want health to be fun, simple and enjoyable for everyone!

Join the #MommyStrong program and learn how to navigate health with simple daily steps to success. For 21 days, fun and easy messages will be delivered straight to your inbox each morning. The program belongs to you to enjoy again and again in every season.

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