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Core & Cardio Circuit

1. Med Ball Stability Push Ups x5 Each Arm

2. Russian Twists x40

3. Leg Raises x20

4. Toe Taps x40

5. Pop Squat Ball Tap x20


1.Med Ball Stability Push Ups: Place med ball under one hand creating an uneven surface. Do a push up and then roll the ball to the opposite hand and repeat.

2. Russian Twists: Balance on your booty with back straight, core tight and heels off the floor. Hold med ball and rotate side to side engaging the outside ab muscles.

3.Leg Raises: Lay flat on the floor and hold the med ball slightly behind the head with straight arms. Lift and lower legs (hovering the floor) while keeping the back nice and flat to the floor.

4.Toe Taps: Place med ball on the floor and quickly alternate feet taping the ball each time.

5.Pop Squat Ball Taps: With feet a little wider then shoulder width, squat down and tap the ball to the floor. Come back up quickly and jump feet together. Jump feet back apart and repeat.




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