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10 Minute Sweat Session - Pt. 1

Make It Count

Alright! Let's not let excuses bring us down and keep us from a good hard sweat! Sometimes workouts need to be fast and to the point when we live a busy life. If your on vacation, don't feel like going to the gym or just plain busy here is part 1 of 3 in your 10 minute sweat session workouts! Do this in your living room, at the park or even in the office.

Circuit through the entire workout with no rest between exercises. GO HARD!!! Repeat the circuit for 10 minutes.

1) Squat Jacks x15

2) 1 Leg Dead Lift x6 each

3) Side Shuffle x10 each way

4)Wide Calf Squat x12

5)Bear Crawl x20 steps

6) Donkey Kick x10 each

1)Squat Jack: Stay low in a squat position for the entire movement. Bring arms to your sides bent at a 90 degree angle. Stay low and hop legs out wide like a jumping jack brining arms up and parallel to the ground. Repeat.

2)1 Leg Dead Lift: Balance on one leg and hinge at the hips bringing the opposite leg back and straight. Keep upper body perfectly straight with arms reaching for the floor. return to start position using your hamstrings and glutes. Repeat on the same leg for the given number then switch.

3)Side Shuffle: Get low into a squat position and side shuffle right for 10 steps. Stay low the entire time and move slowly. Switch directions and repeat.

4)Wide Calf Squat: Widen legs the distance of a wide squat. Raise up onto tip toes and stay there throughout the entire set. Squat down on tip toes making sure that your knees are tracking right over your second toe. Return to start and repeat.

5)Bear Crawl: Start on your hands and feet with glutes up in the air. Walk the opposite hand and leg forward at the same time alternating sides.

6)Donkey Kick: Start with hands on the floor, both feet on the ground and glutes in the air. Pick one foot up and kick your heel to the sky pushing off the foot on the ground. Land and repeat for given number then switch sides.

Try this workout at home and then comment and let me know how you liked it! Enjoy!



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