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Booty Burn

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means ladies! We want to look good and feel amazing during swim suit and short season. Do these 4 moves 3 times a week to lift that booty and feel firmer then ever.

1. Sumo Squat x 10:

Widen your feet and turn the feet out slightly so that your knees track at the same angle as your toes. Squat down keeping the core nice and tight. When you return to standing position squeeze those hamstring and booty muscles to get a really deep contraction.

2. Kneeling Heel Kick -->Arm Raise x10 each:

Start on hands and knees keeping a neutral neck and back. Flex toe and lift leg keeping a bent knee and squeezing with those booty muscles. At the same time lift your opposite arm keeping the core tight to work on balance. Return to the starting position and repeat on each side.

3.Standing Reverse Kicks x10 each:

Balance on one foot by tightening up your core, butt and leg muscles. Keeping your hips steady, lifting one leg back to get a contraction through the hamstring and butt muscles. Only lift high enough to keep a neutral back, do not arch your back to lift the leg higher. Return to the starting position and repeat.


Start with weight on one foot and arms stacked under your shoulders. The opposite foot will swing back and you will push off of the toe on the foot that started on the ground. Land softly returning to starting position and repeat.

Tips from your trainer: The key is to engage the muscle group you are focusing on. Connect your brain to those muscles for a much deeper burn and better results! Always keeping the Abdominals tight and shoulder pulled back and down away from the ears.


Allysa Holt

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