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10 Minute Sweat Session - Pt.2

Round 2 of your new 10 minute workouts! Give it a go this week on a day you don't have time to put in an hour at the gym. This 10 minute sweat session is part 2 of 3 workouts. Enjoy and stay tuned for part 3 coming soon!!!

Pyramid workout

Start with 10 of everything and then each round drop your reps by 1! Example: round 1=10, round 2=9, round 3=8) Go from 10 reps down to 1 rep or until 10 minutes is up.


1)Lunge Kick

2) Push Up

3) Forward Squat Jump

4)Side Plank w/Rotation

1)Lunge Kick: Do a back lunge and immediately pick up the back leg, swing is forward and do a front kick. Swing it back again and repeat the back lunge then front kick. Complete the given number on one side then switch legs.

2)Push Up: Start in plank position on hands and toes with hands a little wider then shoulder width apart. Bend elbows and lower yourself to the ground stopping when your elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Push back up into start position. Attn! Please modify and use your knees instead of your toes if needed. Its better to do 10 good on your knees then 10 bad on your toes.

3)Forward Squat Jump: Squat down and swing arms back. Jump forward and swing arms forward to help get some extra power. Land and stabilize then repeat.

4)Side Plank w/Rotation: Start in a side plank on your elbow and side of the foot. Pull your hips to the sky and keep body as straight as possible. Bring the top arm down and under your body reaching behind you and then swing it out in front and up to the sky causing your upper body to twist down then back up straight. Repeat on each side.



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